Bottero is the world’s only company that can design and make machinery to process flat and hollow glass as well as entire production lines for laminated and float sheets. We are constantly expanding our expertise and technology with the aim of becoming the only benchmark in the glass sector for our customers.

About us

Bottero is an Italian group that has been specialising in the production of glass processing machines since 1957. Over the years we have developed our offer in three product categories: flat glass, hollow glass and special systems. We are now global leaders in these sectors and operate on an international scale with our plants and branches in Italy, Germany, France, the UK, the US, China and Brazil.

Over time, we have been able to anticipate our customers’ needs, redefining product standards and process performance in the glass sector.

We promote innovation by devoting attention and studying the direct experience of the end user. The development of new technologies and the many related patents is applied to the quality of the materials selected by trusted suppliers and the care devoted to the product from start to finish and followed by our professionals.

Bottero works with small and medium-sized companies, and with large international groups, for which we design and make complete tailor-made production lines. Our unparalleled competitive edge is highlighted by the technology we make and by the variety of solutions that ensure we meet every new need by creating automated and integrated systems.

Our values

We’re like glass: transparent yet practical. This is why, in over half a century, we built and maintained a name synonymous with reliability and sound, long-standing professional relationships. We share and promote four fundamental values as part of it: continuity, innovation, quality and customer care, with our commitment to work with society and with the environment in mind



We have been operating on the glass market, right by our partners’ side, for over 60 years. This allows us to offer our best experience in the sector and become a safe, outstanding benchmark


Now, as in the past, we constantly challenge ourselves, redefining sector standards day in, day out. To do this, we place great attention on our R&D operations and on recruiting and training the best engineers and technicians, who every day contribute to our position at the technological forefront.


We don’t just guarantee an innovative product, but also a quality one. The soundness and reliability of machinery are tested during several stages of the preparation with a Total Quality Management system, thereby ensuring maximum operativity for our customers.

Customer care

Customers are our top priority and our team can fulfil any request, in any area worldwide. We have an extensive sales and support network that follows the customer from the first contact up to the end of the product lifecycle, always remaining at the customer’s service to provide support.

Our history

The Group started in 1957 when Pasquale Bottero left his job in a glassworks and set up Bottero Costruzioni Meccaniche with Antonino Faccenda. Together, they introduced the first innovations in machines designed to process glass sheets. This led to the first patents: the tilting table and the tongs to lift the sheets. Along with flat glass ones, gradually came hollow glass machines, intended for the production of bottles and containers.

In 1972, when Pasquale Bottero passed away, Leonardo Ghinamo, an engineer from Boves, joined as a shareholder and played a leading role in the company’s internationalisation process. Ghinamo, the second-eldest of four brothers and a graduate from the Politecnico in Turin, thanks to a student grant, he studied at Fiat's vocational school in corso Marconi before becoming a reserve officer at the air force school in Florence.

After finishing his military service, he went back to Mirafiori, the management company, and then to Lecco. He subsequently returned to Cuneo as an entrepreneur. In addition to him, other families from the area around Cuneo are shareholders and each family holds an operational role in the company: the Faccenda, the Olmo and the Sesia families.



Global presence

Europe, Africa, North America, Latin America, the Middle East, the Far East, Northern Asia, Oceania. 90% of our industrial production heads to international markets and our exports account for 95% of total turnover. We achieved this position because of our ability to seize the business opportunities offered in various markets around the world, along with manufacturing, technical and design development opportunities.

 This is why Bottero operates plants at an international level.

Sales offices
Bottero S.p.A. Headquarter
Cuneo – Italy
Revimac S.r.l.
Vicenza – Italy
Bottero France SA
Nice - France
Bottero U.K. Limited
Lancashire - United Kingdom
Bottero GmbH
Grevenbroich - Germany
Bottero Glass Industry Co. Ltd
Foshan - China
Bottero Flat Glass Inc.
Kernersville - North Carolina - USA
Bottero do Brasil
S. Paolo - Brasil
Production sites
Bottero S.p.A. - Headquarter
Cuneo – Italy
Bottero Sp.A. - Trana
Torino – Italy
Revimac S.r.l.
Vicenza – Italy
Bottero Glass Industry Co. Ltd
Foshan – China
R&D sites
Bottero S.p.A. - Headquarter
Cuneo – Italy
Bottero S.p.A. - Pesaro
Pesaro - Italy
Bottero S.p.A. - Trana
Torino - Italy
Revimac S.r.l.
Vicenza - Italy
Bottero Engineering GmbH
Donauwörth - Germany
Bottero Glass Industry Co. Ltd
Foshan - China
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Bottero is currently an industrial group with over 800 direct employees and more than 25% of its workforce consists of Engineers working in its R&D and Servicing units. Thanks to the experience gained on the field with thousands of systems of installed and the constant and heavy investment in R&D, Bottero won the trust of many multinational companies and large industrial groups. The company’s international scope, its ability to be highly innovative and its independent position on the market, place Bottero in the ideal condition to provide each customer with bespoke solutions to optimise production processes and advice on new technological investment opportunities.


The group

Agents and distributors
Countries with installed systems
Installed systems

To achieve maximum efficiency, Bottero is structured in 3 separate business units that work closely together in terms of business, especially R&D, but that allow for a targeted presence on markets. This meant we attained a well-balanced development across all three sectors at the same time.

Flat Glass

The company started out with its flat glass division, which led it to make history in this sector with leading-edge solutions, from the first tilting tables to the ultra-modern modular series. Nowadays flat glass machines automatically perform loading, cutting, breakout, handling, processing and grinding processes on any kind of glass (float, moulded, low-emissivity, laminated) for the furnishing, building, electrical appliances and automotive sectors. The products of this category are numerical control cutting machines, cutting lines with automatic loading and breakout systems, automatic machines and lines to cut stratified glass, straight edgers, bevelling machines, bilateral edgers, shaping edgers and workstations with numerical control. Their modular design and wide range of accessories allow for customised solutions that can be easily updated and readapted over time. The solutions offered, with integrated production from start to finish, guarantee customers a quality product and allow us to meet any production requirement.

This Business Unit has a particularly advanced organisation and offers an unmatched service. Indeed, Bottero has a widespread global servicing network, available with immediate assistance over the phone and the management of expert technicians directly at the customer’s premises. With its customer service, Bottero provides solutions, training and, when needed, suitable spare parts, even for discontinued machines.

Hollow glass

The production of machines to turn hollow glass into glass bottles and containers is introduced in the company in 1966. It rapidly grew and is now one of its three strategic business units selling in over 40 countries. The office in Cuneo focuses on the design, construction and testing stages, while these lines are serviced and upgraded in the Revimac plant near Vicenza. 

The products in this category include: mechanical and electronic gob feeders with various manufacturing capacities; forming machines for any kind and size of glass container; a wide range of control and automation systems; additional accessories, equipment and devices for the "hot area" in a glassworks. The forming systems are built by Bottero with production from start to finish, with solutions that are customised and turned into modular items according to identified costumer needs.

After delivering the system to the customer, Bottero technicians work on training machine operators, both at Bottero’s premises and at the customer’s glassworks, with assistance to improve glass production cycles and support with servicing to guarantee continuity.


The Engineering business unit stems from the flat glass division to meet customers’ growing need to have high-production systems and modular formats in glass production plants.

The organisation focuses on the design and implementation of large job orders for flat glass systems, and takes care of top customers and some of the world’s largest flat glass manufacturers.

The BU is involved in studying and designing tailor-made solutions determined by specific requirements from customers and their production needs.

Bottero designs, makes, installs and supports customers in automatic glass processing systems made in large production factories at an international level. The systems differ in terms of solutions and layouts, and can process items on any size and thickness: lamination, cutting, handling and packing of float glass, cutting of large glass sheets for secondary processing; production of laminated glass; production of car windows, solar panels and much more.

3 sectors, one passion

Over the years Bottero gradually increased R&D investments to constantly offer new solutions to enhance product performance, efficiency and usability. While constantly striving to achieve innovation, we keep focusing on maintaining the high reliability for which our solutions stand out. For us innovation is the necessary condition to operate as absolute leaders on the glass market.


This is a common feature of the three business units and one of the founding ones, on which our company has always relied to build its mission and develop its competitive advantage.

By innovation we are not just referring to the technological one, but any solution leading to a tangible improvement in the performance, efficiency, usability or reliability of our products. Hence, R&D is a fundamental resource to which the company constantly directs considerable investments and strong attention in organisational terms.

The R&D department is structured in different specialist areas and equipped with the best technology to allow for simulation with mathematical models of glass forming flows and machinery design studies. Many of the activities are carried out in partnership with academic institutes and specialised laboratories, with which we carry out in-depth studies on the behaviour of the raw material to be processed, i.e. glass.

We devote attention and resources also to recruiting and training our personnel, mainly consisting of engineers and specialised technicians from high-tech sectors. Our constant research allowed us to introduce countless improvements in terms of quality and the obtainment of many industrial patents applied in our machinery, internationally acknowledged as technological innovations. For Bottero no figure will ever be a final achievement: indeed, its only purpose is to keep on being undisputed sector pioneers.